Future furniture classics

Creating enduring and exemplary furniture is no mean feat, unless of course you happen to have a history of crafting a stable of stylish and sophisticated pieces.....hey Ercol. So, when partnered up with another establishment delivering difinitive design through the years, aka a certain John Lewis, one expects the best. So it's a jolly good job that this meeting of (company) minds has come up trumps with an exclusive and extremeley covetable new collection.

Inspired by the slender silhouettes of Ercols signature style, the Salento upholstery collection and Shalstone living and dining range is based around a sculpted and tapered light oak wood framework, the end result of which delivers a distinctly refined finished product. Elegant and artfully crafted, seating pieces offer stylish and smart upholstery whilst dining and living collections are cleverly designed to address the practical principles of a modern homes needs, whilst presenting them in a highly desired furniture package. A future classic in the making....definitely.



Sara Bird
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